This little girl is called Ritu, she’s four and a half years old and from the very remote village of Humla in Nepal which is only accessible by helicopter and then a two day trek. She is the youngest of 8 girls to a single and disabled, homeless mother. Her mother could not afford to care for her, and daughters in Nepal are seen as a burden so, being  the youngest she was abandoned by her family and left in Kathmandu to beg on the streets. We were able to figure out her story as we found out which village she comes from and contacted through locals to investigate her case. She is only 4 and a half years old! When we saw Ritu immediately we took care for here and she has been like our daughter since then. Now she is doing great as we are giving proper food, care, love and education. Our organization wants to continue caring for her needs and give her a chance in life without putting her future in jeopardy or question. We are responsible and diligently looking for donors and sponsors who want to support our foundation with this big and noble vision.     

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