The woman in this photo is called Pubi. She is currently 24 years old and comes from a distant village called Humla. We want to share her story as our mission is to give the necessary help for her proper recovery and living. This is her story. She grew up in a family with 17 other brothers and sisters. Already due to culture and family situation her life has been between tough living conditions and a extremely patriarch society. The worse would start when she was forced to marry a man while undergoing her studies in class 9th. At the time she was 19 years old and had to be quickly pulled out from her opportunities. She became pregnant and started to live the nightmare of her life. She started to be abused by her husband and his family. Later when she was 4 months pregnant a mental disease started to affect her life. Slowly due to the life that she was handling her mind started to become an issue. At that time her family sent her to a Mental Health Hospital where she was taken care off in two different occasions. Doctors said that there was no particular diagnosis and only treatment through pills. She had to return home but rejected to come back to her husband. Yet the social pressure made her go back to him. Once the baby was born, her torture started again and her mental health became compromised once more. Due to this torture, her baby was never properly cared for and died when he was only 8 months old. When this happened she left again to Mental Health Hospital by herself, managed to work, get treatment and live by herself in Kathmandu. Once again her husband was calling for her and she opted to come back to her village, became pregnant again and at time of birth encountered the fact that her husband had another wive who was also pregnant. As her child was a daughter, her husband decided to reject her and take the child of his other woman. After this she became mentally disturbed and left once again to Kathmandu, this time with her sisters and established at Koirala-Kaesler Foundation. Since then they have lived in the property and became as family with The Foundation. Now her baby is 6 months and her health is recovering slowly. Our mission is to provide her the medicines and appropriate nutrition she needs for her recovery, as well as for caring for her baby girl. It is a delicate situation which is resolving slowly but surely positively.


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