Viriki Budhathoki

The woman on the previous photo is Viriki Budhathoki. She is 60 years old and is a widow mother of 18 children from which only 10 are alive now. She comes from a remote village called Humla where everything basically works by bargaining, working in field and following the culture traditions of Budhathoki. 

We want to share her story with you so we can all together provide aid in her current situation through Koirela Keasler Foundation as an organizer and intermediator. 

The culture from where she comes has deeply sexist roots which discriminate woman in all senses. Marriage is common since young ages like 13 years old and even children can be claimed since womb as future wives. Woman also have to leave their home and stay in the jungle during their menstruation period. Now a days it has changed little, but never close to enough. If a man is rich and powerful they can just grab a girl by the hand and claim as his. Viriki was no exception and also suffered these cultural aspects. She was taken as bride since 9 and had to give birth 18 times only because not enough boys where born. They would keep getting pregnant until she could get 2 or 3 boys straight. She even had to give birth in snow field while working. Many of her baby girls where refused by her husband but she still kept them and now they are the main ones to take care of her. 

Now a days, after her husband died, and her only way to sustain herself in her village is through field work, her energy levels, physical vitality and health are becoming highly compromised. She is getting help from a brother but now her health has been giving severe problems since 3 years. Slowly she has been getting increasing joint pain, back pain, muscle pain, which has prevented her from working and therefore making here dependent on her brother. This is the main problem as she depends on field work and making her dependent on relatives only leads to more discrimination. She must get diagnosis and treatment so that her health problem doesn’t develop further. The plan is to move her to Kathmandu so she can live with her daughters who are undergoing bachelor level and actually living in Koirala-Keasler Foundation. Recently she has been staying in our foundation and due to this we were exposed to her situation. Our mission is to move her to Koirala-Keasler Foundation so she can stay and be cared by her daughters and supported by our Foundation resources.

We are looking for sponsors and donors so we can permanently allocate her in our Foundation, provide medical diagnosis, necessary treatment and any other living costs. 

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