Bijay Shahi

The child in the picture is called Bijay Shahi, a 5 years old boy from a remote village of Nepal called Humla. He has a unique story that we would like to share so we can all together support his journey through life and the challenges that he has encountered since birth.

In this case we want to particularly talk about the heath condition that Bijay suffers of. He has a health condition called Anorectal Malformation which is a birth defect that affects the digestive system. Specifically he doesn’t have part of the large intestine, colon, and anus, situation that was encountered on his birth in his village . Now, since Bijay comes from a village which is 15 days walk from the Kathmandu region, getting treatment is extremely hard. In his village, Humla, there is no medical, transportation nor proper water or electricity facility, due to this he should live in Kathmandu where he can get adequate care and treatment. 

We will explain the timeline of his treatment and situation since birth so you can get a proper understanding of his current condition. 

On the day of his birth his birth defect was noticed. He was missing the anus. He had to be taken to Kathmandu and get operation on his 2 day of life. The operation saved his live and made an output method to go to bathroom through the abdomen. This worked and made his life manageable until the age of 3 when he became sick and had to be taken once again to Kathmandu and get and emergency operation. At this time the same doctor saved his life and made an artificial large intestine and anus transplant which has been giving him a normal lifestyle in his village until now. Unfortunately recently he had problems and had to be taken to Kathmandu to get operated once again as his large intestine became blocked . Now that his health condition and treatment is becoming recurrently problematic, the best solution is to settle the kid in Kathmandu Valley where he can get treatment when necessary and proper education, apart from his great need of getting healthy and specific foods for his proper functioning and well being.

Up to now he has undergone 3 operations and it is clear that many of these have been because of improper care. His living conditions are tough at his village, his family is in very poor conditions, and he can’t attend school because he has to walk for 2h to reach there. What we are searching for is for sponsors and/or donors who can help us support his needs and organize properly his life in the city of Kathmandu. Currently he has been under care by Koirala-Kaesler Foundation.

Our mission is: 

– To find a home for him to live in.

– Make sure he is getting adequate diet at all times. 

– Pay his school fees so he can continue his education in Kathmandu. 

– Continue his treatment, medications and whatever is necessary for him to have a comfortable and normal life. 

Our vision is: 

– To give Bijay a normal life, education and support in this critical and susceptible stage of his life, without compromising his emotional state, family, health, nor education. 

As this is a project carried by Koirala-Kaesler Foundation, we take responsibility for the proper use of the money and are bounded to give statement of the expenses for this project. We are also open and willingly to show all previous and future medical reports that might be needed for legitimate the whole project and process. As well we want to open the doors of our foundation to whomever wants to visit, volunteer, or donate to any other of our projects. We are more than a donation based foundation, we are an empowering center. 

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