This is Pabrita, she is 27 years old and from Kailali- a really remote area of west Nepal. She married her husband at 16, unaware that she would be his second wife. Shortly after marriage her husband disappeared and only returned occasionally to make child. She currently lives in a shelter with her 9 year old daughter Indira and 6 year old son Biraj- neither of whom have ever spent a day in school because she can not afford it. At the Koirala Kaesler Foundation Nepal, Lata is training and helping Pabrita to find a job as she is uneducated and spends all of her time looking after her children. Lata also has organised a school bus to pick her children up from their remote shelter and take them to an international local school where they will be provided with much needed nutritious meals aswell as an education. Click here to donate so that we may continue to support Pabrita and her children.

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