Dabika Koirala

This is 35 year old Dabika Koirala. She married at 15 , had her first baby at 17. When she was 24 years old she fell from a tree and paralysed her whole body. She has since regained a lot of sensation and has been able to walk with assistance again, but because of her disability, her husband was unsatisfied and found a second wife- which despite being ilegal in Nepal, is very common. During her recovery time, Devika’s husband was jailed multiple times for physically abusing his wife and daughters. Devika came to The Koirala Kaesler Foundation Nepal for legal support in her fight to claim back her home her husband took from her and her 3 children. Her children have been unable to attend school since he withdrew all support for them. Devika and her children have been staying at The Koirala Kaesler Foundation Nepal whilst Devika trains to make small crafts that she can sell to become independent. Donate now to support Devika in her legal battle for her rights, or click here to buy her crafts!

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